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Call for Abstracts

The abstract prepared as per the guidelines provided below should be sent by e-mail to in Microsoft Word format on or before 15th Sep. 2016. The acceptance of the paper will be communicated by 17th September, 2016.

Template for preparation of the Abstract

Category ( e.g. Water, Energy, Food & Agriculture etc.)

The Title of the Paper should be in this Format with Each Initial Letter in Capital Case

Author’s Namea , Author’s Nameb and Author’s Name*

aReplace this text with author’s affiliations (use complete addresses)

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bIf more than one affiliation is needed, they should be indicated by superscriptletters, a, b, c, etc. as shown above.

Presenting author’s name should be underlined and corresponding author’s name (if required) marked with an asterisk (*) and his/her/their email i.d.,should be provided here.

The title, authors, affiliations and addresses should be centred. Leave one space each between the title, authors, addresses and content of the paper. The affiliation should include the department, institution and city in this sequence. The text itself should be justified. Leave one space between the paragraphs. The abstract should be typed in Times New Roman, 12 Font, 1.15 line spacing, on one side of white A4 size paper, with all borders being 1” each.

The total length of the abstract including the title, authors’ names and affiliations is strictly restricted to no more than 250-300 words. The abstract should clearly mention relevance of work, methods used, important results and conclusions.